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Venafi is the inventor and leading provider of machine identity management, delivering innovative solutions for the world’s leading organizations.

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The Ransomware Survival Guide

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Learn how to lower your risk for certificate outages and security breaches

Get the free dummies guide to understand where SSL/TLS certificates are used in your network and how to keep these machine identities up-to-date and protected.

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Identify prescriptive recommendations for a successful ransomware strategy 

Evaluate the maturity of your ransomware defenses

Prioritize which tactical steps you need to take to detect, prevent, respond to, and overall limit exposure to ransomware and other destructive attacks.

Get expert advice on:

✔  Which controls are critical to stop the bleeding
✔  Strategies for the short, medium and long term
✔  Why it is important to restrict execution of macros and shell scripts
  Where to make incremental improvements